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Stop Mould infestation Today 

Mould & Damp Consultation

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Houses are becoming more airtight as we try to make our homes more energy efficient.

Without a good source of fresh air in your home, condensation, mould & damp problems start to arise which can cause problems to your health and home.

Damp and mould must be dealt with quickly to stop the issues getting worse. If you suspect you have a condensation damp issue, arrange an inspection today and our ventilation expert can visit your property and advise.

Our inspection reports allow our professional technicians to identify the water source that is allowing mould / damp growth to occur.

Our inspections use state of the art equipment and technology to identify if the property needs repairs or will recommend several simple solutions or preventive measure needed.

We pride ourselves on offering: 

A great customer experience       

A profession Thermal imaging survey   

All recommendations backed up by our extensive knowledge  

A competitive price

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